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“At Alderbury and West Grimstead School, all children will become resilient, fluent mathematicians with an ability to tackle problem solving.” 


Our key principles: 

  • All children can learn to do maths. 
  • Fluency, Reasoning and problem solving are embedded within each of our units across all year groups. 
  • Children are supported in their understanding through the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract materials. 


Typically this means: 

  • Children are taught within mixed ability classes by their class teacher. 
  • Children are expected to answer questions in full sentences, they will be supported in using the correct mathematical vocabulary wherever possible.   
  • Lessons begin in KS2 with daily Multiplication Tables (to include associated division facts), followed by ‘fluency starters’ that encourage children to develop their mental strategies. 
  • Reception class use the excellent Numberblocks resources, as well as Power Maths materials