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We had a visit from the Wiltshire School Improvement Team at Easter 2021.


This is what you told them! (Extracts from the Wiltshire Report below)


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Thank you for all your ongoing support


  • One key worker mum said the school was ‘fantastic’. She felt well supported and the children are happy to be back – they feel safe. 
  • Another said the school was ‘brilliant’
  • One commented on the measures the school had taken saying that your (the Headteacher's) regular presence on the gate was well received, temperature checks were reassuring and communication and planning throughout had been well organised and thoughtful.
  • A parent commented that there had been no sense of stress, everything had been managed calmly.
  • Parents from KS1 commented on the quality and quantity of work – and how engaging teachers had tried to make the work for the younger children.
  • One family who have moved schools recently felt that the support they received at AWGS was significantly better than what they were used to.
  • The weekly phone calls were very welcome.
  • Parents felt the children and families were really well known to staff, and that nothing was too much trouble for you, the teachers, support staff and your office team.
  • Parents commented again on the quality of work, prompt feedback, strong praise for the children and excellent communication throughout. They said that you seemed to be gliding like swans through it all, but very likely to have been paddling like mad under the surface!
  • Parents felt the return to school was set up very carefully and was a coherent experience overall.
  • One parent, looking for a new home, said it had to be within the catchment, as they couldn’t move away from such a brilliant school
  • Where children may have found the experience more challenging, the school was able to adapt and support. There was always a response to parent concerns.
  • The words that came through regularly were: Brilliant and Amazing!