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There are many opportunities for children to develop their sense of responsibility and maturity.  We have a number of enthusiastic school committees which the children are involved in.  Two elected representatives from each class sit on the School Council, Worship Council & Sports Council. We also run a pupil Ethos group and a KS2 Teaching and Learning Group. These pupil focus groups play an important role in school life.  Any pupil can speak to their committee representatives enabling them to feed their own ideas into the workings of the school.  In this way, all children are able to play an active role in the running and shaping of their school.


School CouncilThe aim of the school council is for children in each class to communicate views and opinions of their classmates so that the views of the children are considered and the school improved.  Recent discussion points have been the provision of more litter bins, and improved playground equipment.


Worship Council – In this group the children discuss what they like about worship and how to make it most relevant to their lives.


Sports Council – This group discusses the different sports activities in the school.  Recent topics for discussion have included the requirement for certain pieces of equipment and the different sporting events in the school calendar. This group also has been involved in organising a school fun run to raise much needed funds for sports equipment.


Ethos Group – This group meets to discuss how the school lives out our vision and values. They discuss practical ways to live out Kindness, Justice and Respect in the school environment.


KS2 Teaching & Learning Group – In this group the children discuss how they learn the most effectively and discuss issues such as homework and associated school policies. This Group is led by the Headteacher or other member of the Senior Leadership Team.


Children raise money during the school year for various organisations such as Children in Need and Comic Relief. More recently we have started on a ‘Global Neighbours Project’ to look at citizenship in a wider sense, including links to ‘Child of Hope’ which supports education in Africa. We are looking at fair trade, water aid and wider issues about developing and sustaining countries in need.