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What are States of Being?

States of being enable learners to focus on and/or combine powerful knowledge in different enquiries. Each knowledge-engaged state symbolises an aspect of the curriculum, helping learners to master both the know of and know how of a subject, not just remember it. For instance, we want our learners to be Scientists, not just learn about science. As learners get older, we help them cross-pollinate states. We want learners to discover for themselves that they can be an Author, Scientist, Geographer and Philosopher at the same time and that some adults combine these states to become Archaeologists, for instance. We want our learners to see the interconnection between what they are learning and how this knowledge is applied.



Each state of being is characterised to help the children understand what it means and to also challenge stereotypes around them. You will see them around our school buildings, on visual timetables, on school displays and our newsletters. We intend for our children to talk about being an Author or a Scientist rather than ‘doing’ Science or English.