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Philosopher - Religious Education & World Views

As Philosophers, we use the Understanding Christianity and Discovery RE resources to explore a range of religious and non-religious world views and philosophies.

We aim to:

  • Give children insights into Christian and other World Faiths & views, so that they can develop their own framework of belief. 
  • Promote understanding and tolerance of the beliefs and practices of others. 
  • Develop children’s spiritual and moral understanding of themselves and the world. (Our school definition of spirituality is developing our knowledge of ourselves; others; the world and beauty; God and the Beyond.) 
  • Teach children to think critically about the truth claims of Christian and other beliefs. 
  • Help children to recognise how truths of faith are relevant today 
  • Help children to understand how faith can give hope in a troubled world and can sustain people in difficult situations 
  • Develop a sense in children of themselves as significant, unique and precious 
  • Lead children to recognise the common human quest for justice, peace and love and the common goal of the survival of life on this planet